Sedation Dentistry: Is it for You?

C’mon, everyone’s afraid of something. Maybe the sight of a spider can send you
running. Maybe speaking in front of crowd is your nightmare. But if the thought of dental
procedures is what makes you break into a cold sweat (and if that fear is preventing you
from getting the dental care you need), then sedation dentistry just might be the answer.
You may be a good candidate for sedation dentistry if any of the following sound

  • high anxiety or fear about dental treatment
  • previous traumatic dental experience
  • extensive dental problems
  • heightened gag reflex
  • fear of sights, sounds, and smells of dental office
  • difficulty becoming numb

How does sedation dentistry work?

Sedation dentistry uses sedating medication to help you feel calm and relaxed during
dental procedures, and there are different sedation dentistry options available:
Nitrous Oxide, or “laughing gas” is a simple and non-invasive way to take the edge
off anxiety during dental treatment. The gas is delivered through a mask that allows you
to breath the nitrous oxide in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. You’ll
be awake, but relaxed. Once the procedure is finished, the effects of the gas disappear
quickly, and you can even drive yourself home after treatment. (Assuming, of course,
that you drove yourself there!)

Oral Conscious Sedation can help you relax before and during a dental procedure,
and is delivered in the form of a small pill that can vary in dosage, depending on the
level of sedation required. With moderate oral sedation, you’ll be conscious, but relaxed
enough that you may even drift off for a snooze during your treatment.

IV Moderate Conscious Sedation is good option if you feel particularly anxious, and it
can also be helpful if you need a number of dental treatments done at once. Medication
is delivered intravenously, and is fast-acting. Even though you’ll be semi-awake and
conscious, the amnesic affect of the medication means that you’ll have little or no
memory of the procedures, and may feel like little or no time has passed!

If fear and anxiety have been keeping you from getting the dental care you need, chat
with your dentist about sedation dentistry. With that fear off the table, now you’ll have
time to deal with that spider…

Dr. Jake Richards and his team are pleased to welcome Dr. Mitch Driscoll to the
Pocatello office! Dr. Driscoll can discuss oral and conscious sedation options available
at Oak Mountain Dental.