Tips to Help You Overcome Dental Phobia

A trip to the dental office can often inspire fear in the best of us, but if you are truly terrified to leave the comfort of your home and come in for your dental visit, there are some things that may be able to help you transcend your fears with a smile.

Give your dentist a head’s up: letting the staff know beforehand that you are experiencing anxiety will help the staff prepare to make your time comfortable. They can ask you what you need to feel secure and help you find ways to relax.

Arrange a signal: you can ask your dentist or hygienist to agree on a “stop” signal like raising your hand to let them know they need to stop for a moment, to let you take a breather or rinse your mouth for example.

Distractions are your friend: you can bring in your favorite music with ear buds to calm yourself. You can visualize your “happy place” and picture the sounds, smells, and sights of your sanctuary.

Breathe: you can take calming slow, deep breaths to slow your heart rate and relax your muscles.

Travel with a companion: Invite a trusted friend or family member who can accompany you or even drive you to your visit. Knowing you have someone supportive with you can alleviate the worst of fears.

We are eager to help your dental visit be as pleasant and pain-free as possible. Please let us know if there are any questions or concerns we can help you with to keep your smile its brightest ever! 208-237-6453.